Behavioral Health

Psychiatrist | Licensed Mental Health Counselors | Certified Addiction Professional | Medication Management | Pharmaceutical Patient Assistance Program

Genesis Health Services, Inc. was incorporated as a Florida not-for-profit corporation on March 8, 1994 to provide supportive transitional housing for adult males and females seeking recovery from alcohol or other drug abuse. Such individuals often- times had co-occurring persistent and severe mental illnesses. This initial period saw a great under-service within the community of the HIV/AIDS population with the above-described recovery needs. Genesis Recovery Center was the first residential recovery center in Sarasota County targeting and conducting outreach activities to house the HIV/AIDS substance abusers. The housing program was staffed with a volunteer live-in manager and volunteer counselors. Total financial support for the program was in the form of residents’ fees assessed on a sliding-scale based upon income. The housing program was discontinued in 2002 when the need for such housing diminished with the opening of over 200 beds between the years of 1996-2002 by other providers, as well as the lessening of discrimination against the HIV/AIDS population in the allocation of those beds.

Since 2002, Genesis’ behavioral health services has operated out of our medical clinic located in the Newtown community of Sarasota. The services include; medication management, substance abuse counseling, mental health counseling, and life skills counseling. The program is staffed by a psychiatrist, Licensed Mental Health Counselors, and a Certified Addictions Professional. Patients are seen after referral by any local agency or organization and are promptly scheduled for an assessment. Based upon assessment report, patients are then scheduled for appointment with the psychiatrist. Expedited appointments are available as needed. Assistance is also available for those patients eligible to obtain medications through pharmaceutical manufacturers.

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