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dental boyGenesis Dental Clinic- in operation in Nokomis since 1998, serves the indigent and working poor that are not eligible for Medicaid assistance and cannot afford to pay the full costs of expensive dental services nor pay the monthly premiums or co-pays for dental insurance. For this service population our clinic is a provider of affordable comprehensive dental services such as; extractions, fillings, cleanings, oral surgery procedures, crowns, partials and root canals for uninsured adults. Our dentists opened to a waiting-list of 150 persons. The Plantation Community Foundation, The Women’s Club of Sarasota, Inc., and the Venice Presbyterian Church contributed start-up funding for the Nokomis Clinic, which consists of three operatories and three x-ray units. Other support is generated through patient fees that are typically 15% of usual and customary dental fees. Fundraisers and private donations have also contributed to the operation of the clinic. All equipment was donated by area dentists and dental supply companies. The dental clinic is staffed by 2 dentists, 2 hygienist, 2 assistants, and 3 ancillary staffers. Services are by appointment only.

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