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Genesis Physicians & Dentists Mentoring program- Youth mentoring program operating since 2004 during the summer for 20-hours per week for six weeks. Initial funding support for our youth activities was provided by Gulfcoast South Area Health Education Center and the Eluned & Edward Russell Charitable Foundation. The summer camp initially focused on health careers and later expanded to include other science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) careers. The program enrolled 20 middle and high school students. Field trips to other medical and science-related facilities were also provided.

In 2007, support for the students grew to include funding for the program’s expansion to a year- round activity. This assistance enabled program coordinators to work with public school administrators and other trained staff in support of ensuring student success.

As a practicum, practitioners introduce the students to the fundamentals of their specialty to include the basic terminology and an introduction of what it took for them to establish a career in that particular field. Each student is required to keep a daily journal of what they have learned, which include any cogent impressions and new terminology they have learned.

During the year, the students hear presentations on various topics including, Preparation for Post-Secondary Education, Budgeting/Finance, HIPAA Laws/Compliance, and Confidentiality. In addition, all participants will receive HIV 101, basic first aid class and vital signs training during the summer camp.

The Physicians & Dentists Mentoring Program is intended to introduce low-income and/or minority youth to a variety of STEM careers by using shadowing, career orientation, and role modeling to encourage the participants to plan for such careers.

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